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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Relfex?

Why choose Relfex as your truck liner system?  Lowest price, best results.  Nobody else anywhere offers a professional system for truck liners that comes close to the Reflex System! 

Cure time?

How long does it take for Reflex to cure?  RX700 is a fast-cure polyurethane system.  Full, rugged use of the new liner should wait one day.  Casual use after five hours at 70 degrees is acceptable.  If  freezing, the truck will be kept inside a few hours to assist in the initial cure stage.

Other Applications?

Can Reflex be used in other applications?  Yes - just about anything! Reflex can be applied to foam, wood, cardboard, wallboard, concrete, fiberglass, aluminum, etc., providing all the right preparation procedures are performed correctly.  Reflex is weather, chemical and abrasion resistant material rugged enough to withstand many abusive environments.  So why not do floorboards, undercarriages, fenders, or other desired areas?


What is the average price for a spray-on liner?  Reflex is a premium product and the average application tends to cost around $700 for a 6.5ft box, under the rail for standard black liner.  Color options, color matching, applying over the rail, seam sealing and caulking, thicker commercial coatings and extensive prep or corrections are other options that raise service prices.


How does the Reflex System compare to other professional spray systems?  The Reflex System uses a low-pressure and low-heat which produces minimal over-spray and vaporization, allowing for a thick, even coat of polyurethane to be applied. 


Are there other colors besides black?  Reflex Spray-On Truck Liners come in several standard colors and can also be color matched to your vehicle's paint if you like.  


How long does it take to apply a Reflex Spray-on Liner?  Time varies according to the preparation needed for the surface.  Average service time is just a few hours.

Truck Liner Types?

Hard vs. Soft vs. Flexible.  How does Reflex compare?  Some truck liner systems are made from relatively hard, rigid materials.  Reflex really isn't soft, but rather extremely flexible.  Just like the rubber used in car tires; you wouldn't think of a tire as being soft or fragile, and you also know that a tire is extremely rugged and will withstand a lot of abuse.

Polyurethane can be formulated to create everything from sponge foam to grill components.  Reflex700 us formulated to have the properties of a rubbery inline skate wheel instead of hard plastic.  This flexibility results in fantastic grip, and tis surface will protect the cargo from sliding, scratching or marking. 

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